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This system measures the numbers and distances (widths) of concentrically circular Ring Patterns in fish, including otolith and statolith in internal fish ears as well as fish scales, and enables such measurement data to be statistically processed. As the measurement work is done under a micro-scope, microscopic images are captured into a computer through a TV camera ( or digital camera) and processed on the monitor screen by distributed the mouse button.


1. Enable to set Sub Measurement Lines
When it is difficult to see Ring Patterns on the Main measurement line that indicates the measurement direction, the system enables Sub measurement lines to be set at any position where the Patterns can be seen more clearly, so that the results measured there may be used on the Main measurement line.

2. Enable to move the View Area
When the object cannot be viewed in one View Area, the system makes it possible to move the View Area so that the measurement can be continued across more than one View Area.

3. Semi-automatic measurement mode It provides an automatic measurement mode. With this mode, when Ring Patterns can be seen with relative clarity, they can be automatically determined simply by specifying the measurement line.

4. Enable to create a class to the each marked point In this system you can not only count the number of the Daily Rings but also divide the measurement points into 5 classes (for example; very clear, clear, normal, indistinct, disable to read). The classes divided on the image are displayed with different color each other. And the classes are recorded to the text file, so you can know the degree of the data's reliance later. In addition, because the microscopic images during and after measurement can be saved on disk as separate files, you can recheck the files later to see how you measured them.

The Points measured on Sub-Measurement line are allocated to Main Measurement line.

An otolith of a juvenile sardine

System Structure
CPU: PentiumU
Memory: 512MB or More Recommended
Graphics: 1280 X 1024 X 32 bits (full color) or More Recommended
20 inch Display
If not USB2 I/F, Video Board is necessary. Matrox Meteor2-MC/4
Optical Microscope
Precision XY Auto Stage (optional)
Un-interruptive Power Supply Unit (optional)

Otolith Daily Ring Measurement Software
Statistics Software: Microsoft EXCEL
OS: Windows 2000/XP