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          Image Processing

          Cardiac function Analysis

               The wall motion and luminal-narrowing measurement of EF value with the highest usefulness are judged with sufficient operability among cardiac function analysis and bloodstream. The stenosis lesion of coronary arteries is quantitatively measured by comparison of a normal part and a constricted portion. The wall motion has a normal person aggregate and the gap from a normal person understands it at a glance.


Left ventricular function
  • Capacity analysis
    Calculates EDV, ESV, SV, CO, EF, etc.
  • Wall motion analysis
    A display by the center line method and a radial method and evaluation of regional wall motion are possible.
  • Temporary file function of the image
    Temporary file of a picture required of online analysis is possible. The file of 6 images is possible by 3 images & song plane by single plane.
Angiostenosis rate analysis
  • The edge detection method
    Extract the outline of the vascular wall automatically just to direct the centerline of the blood vessel on measurement blood vessel roughly, a narrowed area and a normal part are detected and computed. It is useful to comparison before an operation and postoperative measurThe point method
    It computes automatically by directing a narrowed area and two normal regions by a manual. It is useful when a blood vessel overlaps or it adjoins.
  • Expansion function
    It is convenient when measuring in online analysis by double extended function.
  • The temporary-file function of the image
    The file of up to four images is possible like a left ventricle function.
Database function
  • Automatic database compilation
    Since an analysis result is put in a database automatically, special operation is unnecessary.
  • Abundant search functions
    A data inspection and print out are easily possible by the several search features such as a date, Sine number, illness, and/or the maneuver.
File conversion function
  • Conversion to Excel
    The data searched with the database function is automatically taken in and displayed on Excel only by click a mouse.
  • The K3 format output
    When detailed analytical data are required, K3 format output can be performed for every patient.
Picture regulation
  • Contrast brightness adjustment of the image at the time of the uptake and the already captured picture can be performed.
Image database
  • Image filing function
    • Simple operation
      It can file only by clicking a mouse once.
    • Positive Negative inverting function
    • Image expansion function
      The picture filing enlarged twice can be performed.
  • Search and a Display function
    • Simple search feature by the database
    • An alignment indication of the image display is given automatically.
    • Display size can be changed into 1/1, 1/4, 1/9, and 1/16.
    • 24 pictures are possible for the number of the maximum pictures in 1/16 size.
    • Expansion display
      An expansion display is possible by clicking the picture which displayed in reduced size.
  • Abundant file format
    Since JPEG, BPM, and IMG (original file) are supported, it is convenient for slide creation.