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          Rental Software Services

Rental period
Minimum rental period is one month. After the period expires, you can purchase the software.

TEL: +81-3-3268-8411
Fax : +81-3-3268-8412

We offer rental software including special versions with limited functions to meet your requirements. Please make use of our rental software for a short period or as trial before purchase.
When you want to rent our software...
Please select an application from the list below. Or let us know your measurement purposes, items and rental period. We will inform you of the suitable software.

How to order
Send fax or E-mail to us.

FAX : Please tarnsmiti to Rental Software Service Sheet after send.

HOME PAGE : Please tarnsmiti to Rental Software Service form after send.
After determining an application, we will send you an installer, protect key and manuals (electronic file). Please install it to your PC by yourself.
PC Environment
OS : WindowsXP/2000
CPU : Pentium3 or higher (Pentium4 2GHz is recommended)
Graphic board : other than on-board
         nVIDIA GeForce/Quadro, ATI RADEON series are
Memory :     1GB or more
        (2GB recommended *Depending on the volume of data)

Volume of data :     512*512*512 (x*y*z) 128MB -> 1.3GB
System (WindowsXP) -> 200MB
You need 1.5GB in total.

TEM-----Transmission Electron Microscope
SEM-----Scanning Electron Microscope
CLSM----Confocal Laser Microscope

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