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          Cloud Service

It is the free service that you can experience
software using sample data provided from RATOC.

For using our cloud services, you need to fill out and sign on the application form.
This free cloud service period will be one week after the application has accepted.

☆★★In the case of a lot of applications, there is no period limitation. Please let us contact you as soon as we received the application.

☆☆★In addition, if you want to analyze with data of oneself, please contact us by e-mail. It will be charged in that case.

The example of measurement

Bone Mineral Density measurement/
Taking CT photograph of phantom which already known the BMD(mg/cm) under the same conditions as the bone, and creating the BMD image which assumes the BMD value as the pixel level from the CT image. Measuring the bone mineral density, bone mineral content ((mg) BMC) Tissue, and bone density BMC / TV, in each cortical and trabecular bone. The Tissue bone density reflects a bone volume decrement and it can be the index of the bone rarefaction.

Bone Morphometry/
This does three-dimensional bone Morphometry which photographed with CT. Measuring bone mass BV(cm),
Bone volume density BV/TV(%), trabecular bone microstructure in three-dimensional concept (thickness Tb.Th,
width Tb.W, gap Tb.SP, & number of the beams Tb.N). Also measuring plate-like/rod-like structure model
index called Structure Model Index (SMI).
concave structure 2.Plate-form3.Rod-form

SMI ≒0        SMI ≒0       SMI≒3.00

Please ask the detailed contents and questions. Mail: info@ratoc.co.jp