HeartU Q&A
Q.How to reinstall the Heart U?
1. Start "a service manager" of MSDE
2. Stop the service manager that started in 1.
3. To terminate the MSDE in resident system that is displayed in the lower right corner of the windows.
4. In the state that reached to 3, to uninstall the MSDE from "addition and deletion of the application"
(No action is required if the client 1-4)
5. Because "MSSQL7" folder may be left if uninstallation is over, delete this folder.
6. Uninstall happ
7. It can work on installation as usual afterward

Please delete all folders at once, which is created by the installation
Q.Notes for installation?
1.office2000 is required.
2.In the case of windowsNT4.0, it is not able to install it when not more than SP4.
3.When you install MSDE, it becomes the error when Mssql7 folder has already existed.
4. Please set MIL-Lite6.1& nbsp; MILMemory at 46MB when the TV input. Save video does not work properly.
In addition, please do not install the MSDE at the time of installation when you do not want to put MSDE again when MSDE has been already installed.
Q.How to install MIL_Lite 6.1?
WindowsNT4.0 :Install MIL−Lite6.1as usual. However, please set the memory for MIL with 46MB in other.
windows2000:Install it in the same way as windowsNT4.0, but does not automatically perform reboot at the end. Before reboot, reboot it after putting a patch for win2000.
※ When do not perform win2000 according to instructions, the OS does not stand up; in the worst case,
have to put OS again.
Q.Analysis does not stand up from an input screen of HeartU
Check the window on a key in "happ" so that plural analyses do not start. Therefore analysis may not stand up when, for example, opening the "happ" folder by Explorer.
→In this case, it will stand up if you close Windows Explorer.
Q.How to set the initial value?
A shortcut will be created on your desktop by Heart Uinstallation. Double-click this short cut with holding down the "Shift" key.
(Please continue pressing the "Shift" key until Heart Ustands up)
There is a "Maintenance menu" in "form", double-click it. Then, the menu for the maintenance stands up,
please change it if necessary.
※ Please do not change the name of regions, after analysis. You will not be able to display and view the report.
     However, there is no problem adding it later. Also the data will not be visible if you change the destination of data late
Q.About Summary files normal value.
When I installed it, the default one is present directly under the happ if before V1.200. More than V1.200, The default exists under the analysis folder (lvg, rvg ...) which under the happ folder.
Please replace a normal level count file as needed.
How to create a normal level count file is in the maintenance menu mentioned above.
As for the file, Sine number is made for data preservation drive by the name of Normal, and it is output according to analysis in this folder.
※ The file to use in the actual analysis adapts to refer to the thing in the happ folder.
Q.If you want to delete all that you registered data for tests.
How to clear the table:
1.Start the Heart U while holding down the "Shift" key
2.Select "option" in tool" of the "menu" bar"
3.Put a check in the "hidden object" in the "View" tab, and select "OK".
4.Double-click the"the development wearing" of "form"
5.Click “Clear the table”
It can delete all the tables.
Since all of the table will be gone, do not use it when you want to erase only part