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          Image Processing

          DICOM Viewer ------ CDViewerU

               CDViewer U is software that can continuous playback the DICOM CT image data such as IVUS ultrasound (XA) smoothly, and also a simple measurement is available.

Screen Display
  • Select the screen display method
    You can select from one screen or two-screen display.
  • Full screen-zoom
    It is available to change the displayed images expansion, reduction, or full screen.
Image storage function
  • Ability to save files to JPG file.
    You can create as a JPEG still image from the video sequence.
  • AVI save
    Can save images as AVI
  • Save MPEG
    You can compress the image and save as MPEG.
Measurement function
  • Available for 6 length measurement, 2 angles measurement, and 2 areas measurement.
    6 that the length measurement, measuring two angles, when measuring the area 2 can be.
    measure length 6 and measure an angle 2, and 2 measurements can perform an area.
  • You can print out the results of the measurement.
Image adjustment
  • You can adjust contrast and brightness of the image and image that already taken in.