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              CARAT /EB performs high-speed mask pattern operation corresponding to next-generation ULSI process. CARAT incorporates several mask pattern operations for wide range of applications.

              Wide Range of Mask Pattern Operations
    Boolean Operation : 2D Boolean operations, e.g. 
                            OR, AND, XOR, and SUB, for 
                            inner-layer and 
                            inter-layer figures.
Resizing Processing : Performs dilation and erosion 
                      according to the specified size.
                      Eliminates small projections, slits, 
                      sinking and twists automatically.
Reversal Figure Generation : Generates mask pattern 
                             for negative resist.
Extracting Patterns : Extracts patterns according 
                      to the inclusive relationship 
                      of inter-layer figures, 
                      such as inner, outer and 
                      touch figures.

 Mask Pattern Operation    


CARAT/CMP comparing an EB file after mask process correction with the original file, to extract different geometrical patterns.

 To compare the results of pre/post process of 
sizing, CARAT/CMP performs high-speed correction 
to the original mask pattern, using CARAT sizing 
algorithm, and detects different geometrical 
patterns between the corrected pattern by 
CARAT and the corrected pattern by another method.
The same sizing algorithm used for sizing and 
comparing may miss a difference between the 
identical error patterns. 
However, CARAT doesn't miss it.



Hierarchical Processing:             Performs operation keeping a cell hierarchical structure described in a GDSU OASIS file.
Operation Optimization:      Extracts similar patterns in a cell hierarchical structure automatically, to minimize the number of operations.
Parallel Processing:     Processes a huge file over 50 GB. Distributed processing is possible for each cell, or each divided mask area.
               Figure Representation Optimization

  Flattening and Hierarchy Generation : 
           Hierarchize cells automatically by flattening 
           the cell hierarchical structure, converting 
           specified area into a cell and figure 
           representation optimization.
 Input GDS OASIS    


 Optimization GDS・OASIS 
 T-1,T-2 are generated and 1-1 is decomposed. 


Compresses A GDS+OASIS file by making a geometrical pattern, and a group into acell, and optimizing an array representation.

 CARAT optimizes a GDS+OASIS file 
  after layout design by compressing 
  geometrical representation. 
  Even a huge size GDS+OASIS to 
  giga byte can be optimized, namely, 
  reduced to a few to 10 times from 
  its original size.
  CARAT Optimization is suitable for 
  a pre-processing for a mask pattern 

1.Making a geometrical pattern into a cell.

2.Grouping of patterns and making a group 
  into a cell

3.Optimizing an array representaion

4. Parallel Processing: 
         Processes a huge file over 50 GB. 
         Distributed processing is possible 
         for each cell, or each divided 
         mask area.

Measurs line width,line distance in a mask pattern

Measures a line width or a line distance after OR processing for touching patterns. Measures the shortest width or distance even for slope lines.


 Input several EB files indicated by JobDeck file, and measures a line width or a line distance between patterns at each position on a mask specified by Measure Specification file. Outputs measured results in a text file, with the image of surrounding pattern figures at each measured position.


   JobDeck File
   RESIST Type
   Coodinates of Measured 
   (in Total Mask Coodinate 
   (Not Limit to The Number 
    of Positions)

   EB Format to Supported
            (in the future)
   Mebes  Format
   Jeo152 Format
   HL        Format
   VSB11  Format


   Measure Result
      Line Width/Line Distance
      Measured Angle
      Inner/Outer Figure
  Pattern Image Surrounding 
  A Measured Position
  (Wide View and Enlarged View)