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  About TRI

What is TRI?
TRI reconstructs a 3D image in a computer from continuous sections such as CT continuous sections, to display real a 3D model and apply 3D measurements.

Does TRI work on a Macintosh PC?
No. All TRI series software works on only Windows.
What functions does TRI have?
TRI builds section image files with shade and interpolates between the sections with shade. It is equipped with functions such as extracting an object, creating a surface as well as 3D measurements. TRI is suitable for aligned consecutive section images like CT, MRI and CLSM images. With an optional function of alignment (called 3D-POS), TRI is used for preparation consecutive sections.
Can TRI reconstruct a 3D image from stereo images?
Does TRI restrict the number of input section images to reconstruct a 3D image.
TRI has no limitation of the number of input sections.
How many section images are required to reconstruct a 3D image at the minimum?
In theory, more or equal three images are required. TRI can import only one image file to reconstruct a 3D image by duplicating the image file.
Can I observe a 3D image from section images with multi-channel data by a LSM?
Yes. TRI handles six channels at the maximum and has functions such as switching display on/off and logical operations (AND, OR, etc.) for data in each channel and composing plural channel images.

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